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With "MJO Presents", we collaborate with a different high school jazz ensemble to perform at Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver (twice per month, the second & third Mondays) each month during the school year (Oct-Jun). Dazzle has been selected by Downbeat Magazine as one of the "top 100 jazz clubs in the world"!

The school ensemble performs one “set” of music, followed by a set of music by MJO. We conclude the evening by inviting the school group to join us for the grand finale! The MJO set serves not only as pure musical entertainment but also as a professional example of a live jazz performance for the audience.  The feedback from the students via their band directors has been 100% positive with many schools requesting a second (and third) opportunity to perform with MJO.

In preparation for the evening, the students sell tickets to the performance (usually to family and friends). This serves as a great way to ensure a large and very appreciative audience. as well as provide a fund-raising activity for the school’s music program. To date, nearly all of the shows have been sold out.

MJO is also available for any type performance in and with middle and high school music programs. We can travel to your school or possibly coordinate a venue for the event.  Additionally, our organization has many experienced players that can do in-school clinics. Many of our players give private lessons as well.

We welcome and encourage any serious inquiries for MJO participation in school-related music activities. Contact Scott at any time to discuss!

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