Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra: Mission Statement

The MJO exists to perform first-rate big band jazz music, written by outstanding big band composers and arrangers, to the public.

  • As an organization, we are dedicated to furthering the education of young musicians in the Denver area, by Dazzle Group 2009providing a performance venue and a real life jazz experience for them in our Monday night performance series hosted by Dazzle Jazz Club.
  • We strive to continue the tradition of the big jazz band, which has been so important to the history of American popular music.

The Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes:

  • to further education in the field of jazz music via public (and/or private) performances,
  • working with local high school/middle school music students to provide a venue for both the students and members to perform and explore big band jazz music.

This will be accomplished by fostering unique learning opportunities for the study of and performance of jazz music as an art form and to carry on any related activities designed to accomplish the following:

  • Support school jazz programs
  • Connect professional jazz musicians and students
  • Unite and empower the jazz community
  • Support live jazz performance
  • Increase and educate jazz audiences
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