The Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra

MJO | Denver Colorado

Donations - Give to the MJO and support big band jazz!

Running a jazz big band requires resources, and MJO is no different - we need your help.

We are actively soliciting TAX DEDUCTIBLE monetary donations as well as non-monetary resources. ANY amount is welcome but we include some added thank you's below for certain donation levels. We appreciate your support!!

Contribution Levels:

Do you know anyone who loves big band jazz as well as who might want to help us bring it to the schools? Tell your friends about MJO and help us continue to bring big band jazz to Colorado and our schools!

Do you have a skill --- profession ---business that could contribute in some way to helping us bring MJO and music students together better??  Marketing, advertising (printing), promotion are all areas we welcome your help with. We welcome any and all ideas. Please drop us a note if you wish to contribute your time, energy or expertise to our cause!

Do you have an idea for a concert venue or program that MJO's brand of jazz would fit well?  Are you in contact with any of your local city or county officials to help spread the word of MJO for their park, festival or city/county music programs? We welcome any and all opportunities to play! Let us know!

Email MJO now or call Scott Handler anytime: (303) 521-8206.